If I change my master account email (LogMeIn ID), how is AppGuru affected?

If you change the email address (LogMeIn ID) associated with your master AppGuru account, the former master account holder is de-provisioned from any policies to which they were assigned, yet they still remain in the AppGuru directory.

When the new master account holder logs into AppGuru, they are notified that something needs to be done in AppGuru with the former master account holder.To resolve this situation, the new master account holder has two options:
  • Re-provision the former master account holder if the user needs access to apps
  • Delete the former master account holder if the user has left the company or will not use apps
Tip: If you are changing your master account email because you want to delegate AppGuru admin responsibilities to someone else, the new master account holder should locate the former master account holder in the AppGuru directory and re-assign him/her to any policies. There is no reason to remove the app, re-authenticate and re-provision all users.  

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