Setting up Active Directory

The Active Directory component runs as a Windows service that must be installed to a machine connected to the domain for which SaaS Traffic is being monitored. At each refresh, the service will query the event logs for login data, and will query AD for changes in user, group and computer information. 

The service monitors Logon/Logoff events in the System Event Log on the domain controllers for each domain. The domain controllers must have remote event log access enabled in the Windows firewall settings (see Microsoft Technet for details).

Task One. Download the AppGuru Client, as follows:
  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Download the AppGuru client at Settings > AD Sync. Follow on-screen instructions to download and install on the identified server (Server 2008 R2 or higher, virtual or physical).
Task TwoOpen the wizard in the AppGuru Client Setup Tool and continue set up.

  • On the Active Directory tab under Domain Name, confirm the domain on which SaaS Traffic is being monitored.
    Note:The Configuration Tool detects the domain to which the machine is connected and will pre-populate the field.
  • Enter a User name and Password for the account under which the service will run. 
    In order to read the System Log on the domain controllers, you must enter Domain Admin credentials and set permissions to maintain access to files and folders.  

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