What is "Discover"? What is the AppGuru Client?

The terms discover and discovery refer to the process of finding apps on your network and the people and devices using them.

The AppGuru Client is the tool that makes discovery possible. The Client allows you to capture data related to people and devices accessing cloud apps while connected to your internal network. 

Once the AppGuru client is downloaded and installed on a server in your internal network, AppGuru’s proprietary monitoring technology begins to capture and analyze the traffic that flows through your firewall from users and their devices to their favorite cloud apps. Within moments, the AppGuru user interface begins to visualize these results in an interactive view, which allows for numerous filtering, sorting, searching and exporting capabilities.

You can also use it to provision users to cloud applications with Active Directory. By simply entering your domain admin credentials when prompted by AppGuru, users, groups and organizational units from Active Directory automatically start populating AppGuru’s cloud directory. Once the sync is completed, changes made in Active Directory will be reflected in AppGuru, allowing for easy provisioning and license management.

For discovery, how does AppGuru compare to RMM? 
AppGuru discovers and reports on more than 200 cloud apps used in real time by name. In comparison, Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions generally only discover the client network environment for computers, servers, printers, gateway/POP devices, and a handful of common (Microsoft) apps. 

For discovery, how does AppGuru overlap with firewalls? 
Firewall logs can communicate activity on the network, but the logs are difficult to read and full of extraneous noise. They do a poor job of attributing traffic to specific cloud apps by name. While some can report inbound and outbound packet, port, protocol info, it's not easy to connect this info to app usage. Also, firewalls or other on-wire devices must open and inspect every packet in-line, which often raises concerns about network performance. AppGuru never opens and inspects packets. 

Note: AppGuru does not monitor internet surfing history or invade your users’ privacy.

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