What is AppGuru?

AppGuru allows IT to discover cloud apps coming into the business, strategically analyze the value and risks they pose to the workplace, and provision the best for widespread use. With this new visibility, IT can become a valuable partner to employees and the business by empowering productivity while mitigating the inherent data loss and compliance risks associated with cloud apps.

AppGuru helps you answer these questions:

  • What apps are being used on my network?
  • Can I manage apps from different publishers all in one place?
  • How are people using apps? 
  • Am I managing the apps people really use?
Here's what you can do:
  • Turn users access “on-and-off” with a single cloud identity
  • Keep track of license utilization across all of your cloud apps
  • Meet security requirements by closing cloud app security gaps
  • Leverage AD Sync to leverage your existing directory investment
We regularly add apps and functionality, so always check the website for the latest.

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